Watch a stunt man test out his jet-powered wing suit for the first time

Forget drones, stunt man Jarno Cordia has created a far better way to get a bird’s eye view of the world – build your own jet-powered wing suit.

The wing suit regular, who has a YouTube channel dedicated to his various flights, took things a step further in his latest test by attaching jet engines to the boots of his suit.

The impressive result of several minutes of flight time was achieved with the engines at only 65% thrust, according to Cordia, who said the extra power could be utilised in future trials, but level flight was the aim of this initial test.

Cordia climbed to 5,000 feet aboard a hot air balloon over the Dutch countryside before jumping, with the engines engaging five seconds after the leap.

Construction on the suit began in January, which according to Cordia eventually enabled him to cruise for two minutes 45 seconds without any loss of altitude.

Cordia wrote on his YouTube page that this test was the “first baby steps” and “many more flights and bigger things” were still to come.