Barcelona Terror: Witnesses Describe Chaos, Anxious Aftermath

She ran into a women's clothing store, where some 100 other people were hiding. There were hundreds of people holed up in every store on that street, she said.

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Jack Davey, a singer from Los Angeles, California, who was in Barcelona with her family, described being pulled into and locked down in a shop.

Every so often over the course of 30 minutes, Davey and her 5-year-old son, Tripper, would quietly emerge from the shop to check on the street. But then another melee would erupt and they would have to head back inside.

Davey met two other American families, including one that was close to the scene when the crash happened. "They were sitting right there and they saw everything," she said. "They said [the van] crashed into the market and killed everyone.

"They were inconsolable," she said.

After another 30 minutes, Davey and her family made a run to their car. As they drove away, they saw someone dead in the street.

"It was mass chaos," she said.